Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I did it, I resigned with Stampin' Up! on Friday.  So now I'm waiting for my goodies to come.  I checked today to see when it all should arrive and UPS website said Friday.  I had my goodies shipped to my work, because my UPS person that delivers at my home likes to leave my stuff in different places.  Last time I ordered something that came from UPS I found it in the middle of my sidewalk leading up to my side door, I have also found a package in the middle of my driveway.  Now I will also point out my Mail person is also like that.  If we order something and it comes USPS it will either be stuffed inside the mailbox so tight it bows the mailbox or it will be in the middle of my driveway.  The other reason I had my goodies shipped to my work is so I can look & play during lunch.  So I saw the UPS guy who delivers to my office, which also happens to be the same guy who has delivered packages to my parents house for over 20 yrs so I kind of know him, anyway I told him to expect a big delivery for me to be on his truck Friday.  So again I am sitting here waiting.....I have a ton of ideas on how to do my SU! business/hobby different then last time.  I really hope it works out & I can actually make a side business out of it, instead of just supporting my own habit.  So stay tune & like I said in the previous post I will be changing somethings on here.  I hope you will visit often & enjoy the new look of my blog as time goes on.  If you have any questions or if you would like to order some SU! goodies from me just let me know.  I'm always here for you.  Until my next rambling :) 

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