Monday, July 11, 2011

Let me count the

Days, Months and Years that it seems like I haven't been on my blog.  what in the world has happened to me since I blogged last.  Where should I start…..I got a very bad case of Poison Oak, so bad I have scares on parts of my arms.  It finally went away about the end of June (which I got it Memorial Day weekend, do I know how to prolong a bothersome rash or what).  We started planting plants, mulching our flower beds.  Before we started the beds looked really bad and blah.  Before you ask I have no before pictures but I could go and get some after pics.  We made a new flower bed in the backyard which I finally just got done with over the weekend.  We also made a stone patio, which looked really nice and even until we had some really bad rain several weeks ago and washed a lot of the sand & dirt from under the stones, so we need to redo some of the patio.  We found a snake in the backyard several feet or miles depending how you want to look at it from the house.  I honestly have only stamped twice in the last several months and didn’t even take pics to share :(  I haven't really been in the mood to stamp, probably because we have been working on the house to make it look good.  I also made my craft room smaller so that boyfriends son could have part of the room for a bedroom.  I feel its important for him to have a room in our house, that he can go to when he is here.  So my whole point of this ramble is to let you all know I'm still alive but just wont be posting as much this summer.  Hopefully by fall/winter I will be more in the crafty mood.  Check back ever so often I might surprise you and post something.  Hope everyone has a wonderful summer.  Thanks to you all who do check out my blog.  Until my next rambling :)

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