Friday, February 18, 2011


I really dont like blogging only every other month or more.  I hate not posting video's, pictures or even my ramblings.  I never thought that so many changes would happen in my life in under a year.  But the one thing I miss most is this, blogging.  So after some really hard thinking I have decided to say Goodbye for the time being to my blog and my blog followers (if there are any left).  I havent stamped like I use to for a long time.  I have made a few cards here and there but they have been ones my family has requested.  I would take pictures but all I have is my cell phone and its not always working right.  I would love to do videos and share techniques like I use to, but I have no way to do it.  I would love to play on the internet looking for inspiration to make cards just for fun and share with you but I have no internet.  So I have no real desire anymore to stamp or create.  I have played with the idea of just getting rid of my stuff but I cant the creative person inside of me wont let me.  I really miss being able to afford fun stamping toys or just being able to afford fun stuff in general.  Dont get me wrong, I love my boyfriend, my life I have now but I miss alot.  I miss being able to go shopping because I have the money, I miss shrimp, I miss my mom & dad (I do see them), I miss not having to be all that responsible, I just miss being me.  Not that the me I am now is bad its just sometimes I feel to grown up and I really dont like it.  Sometimes I wonder if we (my bf & me) hadnt gotten back together if I still would be doing what I was doing before and be happy.  Even when I was living at my mom & dads I would get down and depressed because I was doing the same thing everynight-go to work, come home, go to bed and do it all over again.  Take for grant it its pretty much the same now but its different (if that makes any sense).  So my whole point to this is Thanks all of you who have stopped by and visited my blog but for the time being I wont be posting for awhile till I get things straightened out.  Oh how I miss being creative because I could, now its filled up with making dinner, cleaning the house, messing with the yard, doing laundry and watching horror movies at night on the couch. Ok, Im done rambling.  Have a wonderful weekend.  I guess this is it.  Until my next rambling..............

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