Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Ugh and then some

I have pictures of 3 cards I made.  Unfortunatly only 1 of the pictures of the cards I made is on my cell phone and thats the only way I can put it on the web :(  The others I took with my parents camera and downloaded them on my computer at home with no web.  So as soon as I can get my phone to send the card pic to the web I will post the card on here.  I have decided that I will NO longer let my no web or money issue effect this blog.  I miss it, I miss sharing, I miss rambling.  So as God as my witness I will be posting again!  So I do want to take a moment to share how I feel.... like crude.  I have had a deep pain in the tush cough for almost 3 weeks now along with a runny nose. Thats it I havent felt run down or anything until this morning.  I so want to go back home and crawl into bed and sleep.  But I cant.  I have no sick time or vacation time (actually never have in the almost 6yrs I have worked here).  If I take time off I have to make up the hours.  I did actually take 2 days off several years ago to hang out with my SIL and my nephew.  Lets just say I got a 1/2 day out of it, cause my boss needed my back at work because he couldnt handle the customers.  So that was my one and only time trying to get away from work.  So now I just suffer with being sick at work and hope that I only get bad on weekends.  Sad I know, but I do like my job enough to put up with it.  So I sit here sweating cause my boss has the heat set at 78 degrees and Im trying not to fall asleep from the heat and being sick.  Hope everyone elses day goes a heck a lot better then mine.  Stay tuned for later today for that card I promised you.  Until my next rambling :)

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