Friday, January 07, 2011

Im posting a little something

Can you believe it Im posting something :)  Its been awhile but alot has happened.  Were should I start lets see.....We moved into a new place, during a snow storm I might add the first weekend on December.  We have gotten everything unpacked, settled and really feel like we are at home (unlike the other place).  We had a few extra dollars to get a few Christmas presents.  All in all December had been a wonderful month.  The house we moved into is smaller then the other home, its cozy and we dont have to have the heat turned up to 80 to try to stay warm.  I have a laundry room, a breezeway and a 2 1/2 car attached garage (no more going outside to warm the car).  We live across from a school that has a playground so my nephews can come over and play at the playground. My bf son can go across  the street and play basketball and ride his bike.  Im really looking forward to summer at the new place, I have trees I can put birdfeeders on.  The only draw back to the house is it has a big front and back yard and we need to get a riding mower.  So New Years Eve we had a real exciting night we hung lights in the garage up till about 11:45, then went into the house and watch Dick Clarks New Years Eve Ball Drop.  Then stayed up to watch some Twlight Zone marathon and then went to bed.  Do we know how to party or what.  So with no more rambling of my life, lets get down to this blog and my stamping.  As of right now we still cant afford internet so until we do I will post as much as I can on here with stamping stuff and pics. But it will not be as often as I use to, cause I have to do it from work.  Also the pics wont be wonderful cause all I have is my camera on my cell.  So hopefully things will start getting a little better since my bf got a new job and maybe we will have a little more extra money flow so we can get internet and I can get back online to post on my blog.  I miss posting and sharing.  I have been stamping and doing other creative things.  Oh and I got a Cricut for Christmas from Santa (also known as my dad and mom) so I have been playing with that and learning all the things I can do with it.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and please come back to see what I have been up to.  Thanks.  Until my next rambling :)

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