Friday, July 10, 2009

New SU! Stuff

So I got my box of goodies from SU! yesterday.  I would have shown pics yesterday but by the time I got home from my hair appt. and dinner and shopping with Mom it was late.  I didn’t get a huge amount of goodies, but I got enough to keep me busy this weekend if it does rain.  Without anymore rambling here are the pics.My Handmade Cards 1122

I took the pic at work.  It was a slow day.  Like most days have been lately.




My Handmade Cards 1125


New Sizzix Square Die.  This is the back view.




My Handmade Cards 1126


The front view of New Sizzix Square Die.




My Handmade Cards 1127


Wanted to show you what I did with the Sizzix Square die.  I took a normal size card and using the Square die made a scalloped card.  It was so cool, now if only I can figure out how to do the same thing using the Sizzix Circle Die. 

My next Technique I’m going to do is show you how to make wheel stamps into non-wheel stamps.  I just haven’t taken the time to set the camera up so I can take pics while I’m doing it.  I am looking into maybe getting a Flip camera so I can make video’s instead of taking pics for my techniques.  Wouldn’t that be cool.  Ok enough rambling.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Friday.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Until my next rambling :)

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The Stampin' Soldier said...

OH! I gotta get that when I get back home. I'm tired of making these plain ol' square and rectangle cards. You're such a lucky girl! :-)