Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Im back :)

finally. Who knew that it would take almost 2 weeks to redo a 11x9 bedroom. It took 2 days just to do the floor. Here's what I did. Mom and I stripped the wallpaper from my walls which took about 2 days. Then since I have plaster walls I couldnt just paint over the walls so I did this technique were you take spackling like paint (it also has sand in it) and you roll it onto your walls and it makes a pattern, anyway that took 2 days. Then you have to let it dry like a day or so. So over Memorial Day weekend I painted. The color I chose is kind of a Aqua blue color. Its so pretty, or at least I think it is. So then after that was done which also took 2 days to paint. Dad started the floors. Let me explain the floors..its called snap wood flooring and its supposed to be easy...ha ha ha... its easy if you have brand new floors like new construction homes. Now if you have a house thats over 75 years old its not easy. Dad tried it 3 different ways before it finally laid down flat. So once that was done it was time to move back into my room. So it took me 2 days to move back into my room and purchase new stuff to go with my room-bedspread, rug, material. I still need to get new blinds and some more material to cover my footstool. Ok I have bored you enough with my play by play of redecorating my room. So I have pics of the finished room.

The pic in the pic my dad painted. The pics really dont do the color of my room justice.

Mom cut out the butterflys on my lamp shade out of material that I used for a cover on my vanity chair and a pillow.

A shot of the floor. This also shows most of my room.

A closer shot of my floor. Im hoping my mom can recover the red pillow so it will match my room. The pillow use to match the color of my room before I redid it.
Don't you just love my leopard shoe chair, mom and dad got that for me about 5 years ago. I love it.

Thats it. Sorry that this post has nothing to do with stamping. But never fear I will be back tomorrow with something stamp related. Until then I hope everyone has a wonderful evening. Until my next rambling :)

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