Monday, May 18, 2009

Short Break

In posting Techniques this week. I started a spontanous project Saturday night and I have to have it finished by Saturday evening. This project has nothing to do with stamping. See Saturday we were cleaning out the almost dry basement and my dad found this texture paint stuff and I thought cool I could use that in my bedroom to change the walls. See in my bedroom I still have plaster walls and they arent pretty so we usually wallpaper the walls. Well for some unknown reason wallpaper isnt very popular anymore and is really hard to find (or at least find something I like) . So when I saw we still had the texture wall stuff I went upstairs and cleaned out my room and started ripping the wallpaper off the walls. Then yesterday I spakled the holes and tonight I start on 1 wall (actually 2 walls they are both not full walls) and each night after work I will do a wall. My plan is to have all the walls textured by Wed. then let them rest fully on Thursday and then Friday and Saturday paint the walls. Because see Sunday we are installing hardwood flooring in my room and Mom said if I wanted to have the flooring I had to have all the walls done (manily because Im very sloppy when it comes to painting etc) So see I wont have time to blog or do much else if I plan to get this all done before Saturday night. I can only work on my room when I get off work so it limits my time. I sometime wish I worked in a place that offered paid vacation time but I dont and I like my job to much to look for another one that offers paid time off. So I will stop rambling on and let you all go. So hope everyone has a wonderful week and a wonderful and safe Memorial day. I will post pics of my room before during and after. Until my next rambling :)
P.S. sorry for the misspelling of any words my spell check isnt working.

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