Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stopped By To Say

Hi :) Sorry I was super busy last week and this week has gone to heck. So hopefully once everything is back to normal I will have pics of some cards I made and a technique. My nephew graduates tonight from Kindergarten so I have that to go to tonight. Not to mention a flooded basement from all the rain we got at 3 this morning. I also have a yard full of leaves and branches from the storms we got yesterday afternoon and evening. I have enough leaves and branches in the yard to make several new trees (hehheh). Hopefully the cable guys will be out today before I have to go the my nephews graduation. The wind was so strong yesterday evening that it ripped the cable line from the house and snapped it in 2. For some unknown reason someone has to be at the house for them to fix it even though its outside. All I know is it better be up and running before the season finale of Supernatural at 9 tonight, because Im not sure my DVR will record it if my cable is out and that is one show I will Not miss. Take for granted I can watch it online but its just not the same. I hope if you had any storms in the last several days all is well with you and your family. Have a good day and evening.
Until my next rambling :)

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