Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Im in a Funk-(NSR)

and it might be awhile before im fully unfunked. This happens to me every so often. I get really down or I guess the best thing to say is I get depressed. I get lonely. I wake up one day and it starts. I go to work I come home I go to bed and start all over again. I have no life anymore. I use to come home from work change my clothes and be gone till 3 in the morning and then start it all over again. I didnt need sleep I had fun. Now I have nothing. All my friends are married have kids and have no room to hang out with a single 35 yr old. So I go to work I come home I go to sleep and start it all over. I have to say though I have stopped crying. I cried for 3 days about nothing and everything. So if you all who are still with me hang on I will snap out of this and will be back with techniques and cards and upbeat things. When I get like this it usually last a couple of days. But as you can tell its been almost 3 weeks. I will get over it and I will get back to creating. Im going to start rambling for a few, just because 1. I can and 2. I have no one really to vent to. Im single, Ive never been married, I have lived with a guy for 3 years (got bored and tired of his stealing my stuff and I also found out he was doing drugs) and moved back to my parents home. Which I have lived at for over 6yrs now. I would move out but I cant. I make enough money for rent but it would be one of those things that after I pay rent do I want to eat, have lights or heat. I havent been out with a guy in over 6 years. Even if one asked me out 1. how would he meet me I go no were and 2. I wouldnt know what to do, has dating changed in the last 6 yrs? I have no place to meet anyone (guys) since most of my friends are married and have kids, which in turn their new friends are also married and have kids. I drive a mini-van and I have no kids. A mini-van dosent scream single hot chick. Ok, im done. Thanks for letting me vent, decompress and hopefully move on from my funk. I do have to say that I am a big believer of if I am ment for someone we will eventually cross paths. Trust me in the years past I have come across all the wrong guys (but had fun finding that out) so the right one will be along soon. Right? Let me say sorry for this post, its sad, depressing and has not one thing to do with Stamping or Stampin' Up! or even a technique. Have a wonderful week. Until my next more upbeat rambling :)

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dclouser said...

Hi! I just came across your neat blog on the Top 50 and, after reading your funk post, I said a prayer for you. Wanted to suggest that you get involved in a large church with an active singles group. That is the greatest way to meet people that you have something in common with in a healthy atmosphere! I wish you all the best - isn't it great that you have a fun hobby like stamping. It's such great therapy.