Friday, February 20, 2009

Update on my

illness. For those of you that are interested I went to the Doctor today and have been put on home arrest (heheh) for 24-48 hrs. I have walking pneumonia or a really bad case of bronchitis. She said that I could get worse if I go out and could end up in the hospital with pneumonia. So since I'm really not that fond of going to the hospital I'm staying inside, not to mention its supposed to be cold and snow so its not like I'm going to miss going out. So with me being at home I should at least be creative enough to make something. So hopefully I will have a few new things up here for you all. So stay tuned and stay warm. Until my next rambling :)

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Jenifer said...

Get well!! I dealt with this last year in March. it was *no* fun! I was exhausted when I got hit with it.

Do rest much as you can!!