Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Little Something for

you all to tide you over, until I get better. I had everything planned out last week. I was going to move my Thursday Technique to Tuesday and then on Friday's I was going to show some cards or anything I had been working on. But last Friday I got sick. Sore throat, I thought ok I can handle this, then Saturday really deep cough and lost my voice. I thought ok I can handle this I have meds from Walgreens that should take care of it. Fast forward to today, I am freezing, cant breath, cant talk and have major headache from coughing so much, not to mention I cant hear (ears are blocked). So I finally broke down and called the Doctor (and with me I have to be almost dead to go see the dr) and she can see me on Friday. Now normally this would be ok I would just stay home from work and get my rest and lay low, but since my boss is in Florida until March 2 and Im the only one at work, you guessed it I have to go in sick and all. So enough of the poor me I am not the only one with problems this week. I will show you what I had been working on last week before I got sick. Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions let me know. Until my next rambling :)

These Cards are for my cousin's b-day. All of them will be 14.
This one is for Adam. I used Hoppy for you

this is for Kelsey. I used Just Jawing

this one is for Matt. I used Crab and Co.

This is one of the many stamp sets I got from the New Catty. Its called Branch Out. Its a really fun set.

This set is a level 2 Hostess set from the New Catty. Its called Rustic Rooster.

This stamp set is called Classy & Fabulous. I love any stamp set that has shoes.

The 1st time I looked in the New Catty I new I had to have this set. Its called Trendy Trees.

Couple of years ago SU had a stamp set called Like it a latte and I really wanted that set, but I never got around to getting it. Now its a really hard set to find so when SU came out with this one I had to get it. This set is called Sip by Sip.

This is a baby card I made for a friend of my dads. I used the circle scissor plus to make the circles.

* Make sure you stop back by later this weekend or at least by next Tuesday for something new* All cards above were made using Stampin' Up!© supplies.

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