Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Im back

So where have I been you ask...I got struck down with the Flu. I'm finally feeling normal or at least normal as I get :) So here is a technique for you since I missed doing one last week. I found this on "Linked Tutorials of Note" via Allison. Its called Finger Polish Background Technique. I will warn you that you might want to make sure you have plenty of ventilation because this stinks.

You will need the following items:
Disposable container (Walmart 4 for $1.00)
Fingernail polish
White Cardstock
Gloves (this gets messy and you might get fingernail polish on you fingers doing step 3)

Step 1: Put about a cup of water in disposable container.
Step 2: Pour a little bit of you finger polish into the container doesn't matter which color you do first. I kind of poured it around so that it kind of spread on its own. You don't have to mix the colors it kind of does it itself.

Step 3: Take White Cardstock and place it on top of the fingernail polish water and pull right out, making sure you don't get the cardstock wet.
Step 4: Let dry, it took about a hour.

Step 5: Finish Card.
I hope you enjoy this technique and have fun. Depending on how many fingernail polish you have you could come up with tons of different background colors. Stay tuned for Thursday when another new technique comes your way. Have a wonderful evening and until my next rambling :)

Cardstock: Whisper White & YoYo Yellow
Inks: YoYo Yellow & Black Stazon
Stamps: A Beautiful Thing
Other: Michaels flowers, Robin Nest stones, Copics, Fingernail polish & Celery Ribbon
All Stampin' Up!© unless otherwise stated

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