Saturday, March 29, 2008

I have a Saturday Technique for you :)

I found this idea on the web. You can make your own Rub-ons. So does that sound like something you would like to know about? If you don't want to know how to do this then I wouldn't look at the rest of this entry, but if you want to know how then here we go...First you need transparency sheet, a printer (not a laser printer). You want to make sure that you use the side of the transparency sheet that is smooth (mine has 2 sides one rough the other smooth). Second before you print you need to Change Your Printer Setting, you can do this by either going to File, Print, Properties and then layout or I did mine by hitting print and going to properties and changing the different settings. You will want to change the following settings: If you are doing words you want to mark Mirror (so your words will come out backwards) and you also want to change the Print Quality to Normal or Best. Very Important-after you print you want to let it sit for 20 minutes so the ink will dry. Then you can rub the image/word onto your paper with a Popsicle stick or whatever you use to rub your rub-ons with. Once you have done this you can wipe off your transparency sheet and reuse it. So I hope this was worth the read. Just think of the possibilities you have-not only will you save money on making your own (which you then can use that money on something else) but you can do anything or say anything with making your own rub-ons. The card below is one that I made tonight using this new technique.
Supplies are mostly Stampin' Up!©
Stamps: Tart & Tangy
Paper: Green Gable, Glossy, & Whisper White
Inks: VersaMark, Green Gable, Green Galore
Other: 1 1/4 Circle Punch, Clear Button, Green Glitter and Ribbon

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and until my next rambling :)

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Debra E said...

Great idea! I want to try this. Which side of the sheet do you use? The textured or smooth side?