Monday, July 30, 2007

Day at the Brickyard

This has nothing to do with Stamping but wanted to share my Sunday with you all. Sunday here in Indianapolis was the Allstate 400 (or better known as the Brickyard 400) My SIL and I had tickets (in turn 2 half way up the stands, wonderful seats) so we decided that we would leave her house at 11:00 am and catch the bus (they use the city buses during special events like racing to take people to and from the track) downtown and ride it to the Track. For $15.00 (round trip) its not a bad thing to do. So we got to the track about 11:45am. We walked around till about 1:00 when they are to do driver introductions and the fly over and the National Anthem. So by this time I am tired from walking and I'm starting to get kind of warm (88 degrees for the high). So finally at 2:20pm they dropped the flag and the race is on. Dale Jr is my fav driver and he was kicking butt but unfortunately things turned bad for him and he lost his engine. So that is when my backup fav came into play which would be the home town fav Tony Stewart (if you don't know Tony is from Columbus IN which is about 45 min south of downtown Indianapolis). He won the race which is super cool. So after the race we walked around to the haulers and to buy shirts and other stuff. So we finally had enough and walked down to where the buses are to pick you up. We stood in that line for over a hour. But I finally made it home at 8:30. Tired and red as a tomato. But I would never take back that wonderful day. I still can smell the rubber and still here the engines in my head. I love it. If I could go to one other race track it would be Bristol TN and watch the night race. Those tickets are really hard to get a hold of. Someday hopefully. So I just wanted to share with you all my Sunday...thanks for hanging around to listen to me ramble. Below are some pics of the day. Until my next rambling....have a wonderful evening :)
looking outside the track at some of the people
in my seat looking at turn 1 of the track
in my seat looking down turn 2 and into turn 3
ballons they released after the National Anthem
fly over
Tony Stewart during Driver Intros.
pace lap before the green flag drops
Tony Stewart car during Pace Lap
1st Caution Lap when Dale Jr was leading

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