Friday, July 27, 2007

Few Cards I made Today

So my night has been busy. We are watching my 2 cute nephews so there parents could go out. So I figured I could watch them and also watch the Nascar Truck Race at ORP (O'reilly Raceway Park) in Clermont IN. But because it rained all day and for several hours tonight the race was delayed for 2 hours. So I decided to make a few cards while I wait and also while I was watching the kids (there playroom is in my craft room so its handy). So the race finally started at 9:30pm and its 11:30pm now and they are just 1/2 way thru the race. So I figured the kids are in the front room watching a movie and are being quite and the race is on another caution so I decided to post the cards I made. Since I wont get another chance this weekend--with the Busch race tomorrow night and then I'm going to the Nextel Race on Sunday. I will post pics on Sunday evening that is if I'm not to tired or to sun burnt of the activity on Sunday so stay tuned for them if you are interested. So enjoy the pics of the cards and until Sunday night have a wonderful evening and good weekend....until my next rambling :)
(Markers Used are Stampin' UP!© 1990-2007)
(Some of the Stamps and Inks used are from Stampin' Up!© 1990-2007)

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SpAzzGiRL said...

Both are great, love the bright colors!