Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Finally the Idea/Technique I promised:)

I so wanted to get these pictures posted before the holiday's because this idea that I got off of SCS is so cool.
So here is how you do this: You will need the following- Rubber Gloves, Versamark Ink, stamp, glass item, newspaper, contact paper (for plate) or painters tape (for candle holder), embossing powder, heat gun, timer, foam brush and Armour Etch ( I got mine at Michaels).
Stamps: Frosty (Stampin' Up!)
Glass: Old Time Pottery
Versamark Ink: Stampin' Up!
Idea and Instructions: SCS (Splitcoast Stampers)
So here is what you do:
1. Wash glass item you don't want any fingerprints on the item so you want to make sure you wear your gloves or be very careful and only touch the area's you don't want etched.
2. Stamp with versamark on glass were ever you want
3. emboss item ( it will take a few since the glass is thicker then paper)
4. take either the contact paper (plate) or the painters tape (candle holder) and mark off the area you don't want etched that you haven't stamped.
5. Once you have all taped off you want to take your newspaper, timer, foam brush and the etching stuff and go to a very well ventilated area. You want to put a lot of the etching stuff on the glass you want etched. Once you have it on you want to set the timer to 5min.
6. Wait
7. Once the timer goes off you want to go and rinse (with warm water) the etching stuff off and remove the contact paper or painters tape and scratch off the embossing powder.
8. Dry off the glass
9. Now go and find more glass stuff -- Its very addicting.
* If you want better instructions or would like one's you can print off go to SCS under resources and go to projects under emboss resist etching*
I hope you enjoyed this technique. Have fun with it.
Until my next rambling have a wonderful night:)

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