Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Letter J

Here is something I worked on over December that I wanted to share with you for a Christmas Present idea. Since computer wasnt working right I didnt get to do it. So here is a idea for a birthday present instead.

I went to Michaels and bought a white wood letter. I painted it green with acrylic paint and then traced the bottom part of the J on decorative paper and glued it on the J. Once everything was dry I then sprayed Glossy sealer spraypaint over it (2 coats) and let it dry for 24hrs. Once all was dry I then attatched the clips, flower and ribbon with a hot glue gun. All took me about 2 days that is with drying time and everything. I then hung it on my wall to hold pictures and holiday cards. I hope you enjoy this project. I am hoping to get some more uploaded this weekend that I made over December. Until my next rambling have a wonderful day:)

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