Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I love getting new stamps

So here it is Tuesday already and I haven't done a darn thing. Yesterday I mowed the grass which took 2 hours and still not done with all of it. I also changed my design for my swaps for Regionals in Ohio next month. I actually like the new design. So I'm hoping I get those done tonight.
I love my UPS man, not really but he does bring my new stamps to my work. He is also my UPS man at my home. So I'm at work just came back from lunch and looked out my office window and who do I see but my UPS man bringing me my stuff I need for Regionals. I am all excited-why you ask because I like to cut out my stamps. I have no idea why but I like to cut them out. Yes I cut them out at work..Boss is gone until Thursday so office all to myself. So what did I get in my order? I got a stamp set called-Circle of Friendship, 2 circle punches and Marigold Morning Ink Pad (its a yellow color). So now all I have to do is what until I get home and I can play.
I'm leaving early today have to pick my grandmother and mom up to take my grandmother to the doctors. She has ulcers and they are really bothering her.
If I work on other cards tonight I will try to post them on here. I will definitely try to do one with my new stamp set.
Until next time...Happy blogging :)

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