Friday, August 18, 2006

Finally its Friday!!

So once again I'm sitting at work not doing much. Thinking finally Friday is here. Not alot planned for the weekend. My brother and his family always comes over to the house for friday dinner. We talk, play games things like that. Saturday if it rains I will finish cutting out my swaps if it dosent rain I will be out doing yard work. I have to push mow our 1 acre yard because riding lawn mow broke down about 3 weeks ago. Its good exercise and lord only knows I need exercise. Sunday, sleep in and watch Nascar race and thats about it. Then it starts all over agin wishing it was friday. I am planning on posting a few more of my handmade cards at the bottom of this for everyone to view. Please feel free to case any of them if you like. For those of you who have read my blog I promise soon I will do something that will be more thrilling them my ramblings. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Until next time thanks for visting.

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