Friday, August 25, 2006

Let me 1st start out by saying: Thank heaven its Friday!! Ok now that that's out of the way.
I started to finish my swaps last night only 50 more to go out of the 100 I'm trying to make. I have every thing cut out colored, stamped the one thing I have left is to color my background and I'm using the Spritzer tool from SU (stampin' up!) with a more mustard marker. Now I have already done 50 of these and never did my blonde headed brain think about the marker running out!!! So I'm like crap I have no money because I just had to buy a new computer and I only get paid once a month, and I have no budget skills what so ever. So I have a order all ready for September and I added the much needed marker to it. So I am hoping that it makes it to me before I leave for Ohio on 9/16. My luck it will be here the day before I have to leave. So that just means I will be squeezing the crude out of my spritzer tool. What was I thinking when I started this swap I'm doing. Next time I have to make a big bunch of swaps I'm going to try to think simple.
Have a wonderful weekend. Until my next rambling.

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