Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Is it Fall yet?

Good Afternoon all.
Im sitting here at work not doing much. Thinking about Fall. I was always the kind of person who loved Summer but since Ive gotten older Im liking Fall much more. Whats not to like about fall, the leaves change to gorgeous colors, the air has a cool crisp about it. Halloween (which is one of my favorite days). I also like Fall clothes--not cold enough for thick sweaters but warm enough for short sleeves and a cute jacket over it. Sorry Im rambling but that is what happens when Im all by myself at work and no one to talk to. My mind just wanders.
So once I leave work today I have got to finish coloring my swaps. What are Swaps you ask. They are card fronts that I make using Stampin' Up! products that I trade at either Regionals or my get togethers with a group called IndyInkers. I have Regionals coming up in September in Cinnicinati Ohio, its a fun function that Stampin' Up! puts together. They have several of them thru out the year and I try to go to the one close to my home. Which this year is in Ohio, last year it was in Kentucky. Once Regionals is over I will post a pic of the swap I took with me and give you some of the low down on what happens at Regionals.
Until I sign on again.
Thanks for reading my blog of ramblings.

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