Friday, September 03, 2010

A honest to goodness Rambling

I have to get something off my chest and its kind of stamping related, so hear goes....I love my Boyfriend and I love Stampin' Up! but they arent getting along at the moment.  Let me explain.  See my boyfriend and I got a house that came with a small building in front and a really big building in the back.  Included in this deal is a BIG rent payment and at the time (July) it was fine because we had it all worked out.  We had a roommate he had his own side of the house, private door and rooms we only shared a kitchen.  He took over the front building and all.  So it was working out fine till the end of the month and he moved out while my boyfriend and I were at work.  So that meant we (bf & me) had to pay for everything by ourselves.  See the guy was on the lease and skipped out on paying the rent & the bills.  So we managed to get the rent money for August ( thanks to my family) so we paid the bills, the rent and got grocerys (we have been eating mostly hotdogs & ramen soup) so SU! had to sit on the backburner for another month.  Here we are at September and things are a little better, we have the money to pay the rent and bills (grocery's might be another issue, but we will worry about that when we run out of hotdogs).  The thing is SU! is on the back burner again. Which makes me really sad becuase I have to make my min. at the end of this month or will go into pending and in the last 5 years I have been with them I have never been in pending.  I hate this, I havent been able to order anything from the new catty or the new mini.  Im hoping that I can somehow get the money so I can make my min. and stay with SU!.  Ive been kind of down lately cause of it, I use to enjoy looking at everyone's blogs but its not as much fun now seeing all the cool creations from everyone using there new stuff.  I know its kind of silly I have the old stuff, but darnit I want new things to play with to.  So Im done I feel better (kind of) keep your fingers crossed I can come up with away to keep SU! around for another 5 years.  I just need to get this months min and I can come up with something else for the other 3 months.  Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Labor Day Weekend.  Thanks for listening (reading) and staying with my blog during these down times with no pics, techniques and my rambling.  Until my next rambling :)

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