Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coming along

So I've started moving my craft room stuff from my parents home to my home. Boy I didn't realize how much stamping/crafting stuff I had until I started packing it up. So far in the last 3 days I've made 3 trips w/stamping stuff loaded in my van. Whats bad is I probably have 2-3 more loads. I think its time to go thru it and pass it on to someone else :) So to tell you something that I took for granted was having cable. I have always had cable till I moved into my boyfriends house back in April and he didn't have it only had an digital antenna. Well I told him once we got settled into our new place (boxes unpacked etc) we were getting cable and he said whatever I wanted. So I texted him just now and said whatcha doin? he replied watching tv and all in caps he wrote WE HAVE CABLE!! I had to laugh, I'm thinking the poor cable guy who came and installed our cable probably thinks my boyfriend has been living in a cave, since he got all excited about having cable. Sorry enough rambling about moving, my boyfriend and cable. So the next thing on my list of things to get is...internet and hopefully New Stamps from the New Idea & Catalog Book from SU! I know I'm probably the only one out there who hasn't ordered anything yet, here's hoping I can next month. So I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe week, I'll be back with another update soon. Until my next rambling :)

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