Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still Nothing

Wanted to update you all on the computer problem. After my dad has tried several times over the last week to get my computer to rehook back up to the internet it just wont. So he said that I have to get a new program since mine is old on my computer so I can get hooked up. Fine not a problem I can do that, NOT. Until I get the money to do all this I am unable to post pics and techniques. So what Im going to do is try and post once a week on what Im working on etc. until I get the money saved up to fix that darn computer. The other thing is I have moved in with my boyfriend and we dont have internet or cable but that is another problem for another day :) So please check back and I will update just wont have the pics. I am working on 3 graduation cards for my hairdresser. Once I have those done I will post about them. I will let you know that Im going to be using a new stamp set from the Summer Mini to make the cards. Until my next rambling have a wonderful week.

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