Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Technique

Tonight's technique isn't a Card Technique. My mom wanted me to dress up some clear ornaments, so I thought while I was working on them I might as well share the idea with you all. Some of you might already know how to do this but I found another way to do adding another step.

So here is what you need:

Clear glass ornaments (Michaels)
Reinkers (Stampin' Up!©)

Glitter (Michaels)
Fake snow (Michaels)

Step 1: Drop several drops of reinkers into glass ornament, you want to put enough drops in so when you swirl the ornament around it covers the whole ornament.

Step 2: Once you have your ornament all colored (see pic) pour your extra ink into either a dixie cup or into you trash can.

Step 3: Take a funnel and put it in the opening of the ornament and put at least 2 spoons full of fake snow.

Step 4: Swirl fake snow around and cover the ornament. Once you have it covered then turn ornament upside down over trash can and shake and thump (not to hard) bottom of ornament to get any lose fake snow out.

Step 5: Add glitter and do the same as step 4. Let ornament dry I usually let it dry overnight before I put the top back on. You ornament should look like the pic (which didn't turn out very well, sorry)

I have done about 3 boxes of these for my mom in the last 2 days, she is taking them to work to decorate there Christmas tree this year. Ive even done some for Halloween with the smaller ornaments. I hope you enjoy this technique and your kids could even do this, its really not that messy. I will have a card technique for you next week. Hope you all had a wonderful week and I will hopefully get a chance this weekend to post some more Halloween & Thanksgiving cards I'm making for a few people. Until my next rambling :)

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Mel M. M. M. said...

Gorgeous! Love that colour. :O)