Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Technique Time

Sorry this wasn't done last week, having computer/Internet issues. Enough with the excuses now on to the real reason you are here. To learn a new technique.
The Technique I have for you all is called "Frosted Filters" (found on Splitcoast).

Here is what you need:

Spray bottle w/water
Heat Gun
Coffee Filter
Plate (I used a ceramic dish)

Step 1: Drop ink refills (reinkers) onto plate in a random pattern (making sure reinkers cover the entire area)

Step 2: Using Spray bottle, spritz water onto the plate and reinkers letting the colors blend (be generous w/the water so the colors blend, but not so much that the colors become muddy)
Step 3: Place the coffee filter over the blended inks and press, making sure the filter is covered in ink (this is messy so if you don't want to stain your hands you might want to wear gloves)

Step 4: Gently crumble coffee filter into a ball

Step 5: Uncrumble the coffee filter and carefully dry the filter with the heat gun. Be sure to move the heat gun as you dry the filter to avoid burning it.

Step 6: Once dry smooth out the wrinkles and then cut it to fit your card.

Step 7: Finish Card

Stamps are from Michaels
Paper and reinkers are from Stampin' Up!©
Hope you all enjoyed the Technique and have fun with it. I'm off to watch One Tree Hill. But one last thing, I will put another Technique up this week so stay tuned and until my next rambling :)

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