Saturday, December 01, 2007

What I did over Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a wonderful and filling Thanksgiving. We sure did around here. Went shopping the day after and my mom got some really good Christmas presents for several people. We don't get up at the crack of dawn or anything we have figured out that if we wait until around 10:00 in the morning we miss a lot of the crowds and we find several things that we go out for. Now I have been out at the crack of dawn before and don't get me wrong its fun to do that but I only do it if its something I really want to get someone.
So Saturday last week I installed carpeting in my craft room. When you see the pics below you will notice that the room was dark hard wood flooring and its nice but its old and if you walk across it with socks on you get wood either in your foot or stuck on your sock and since I share the room with my nephew play room I didn't like them to play on the wood floor. So Menard's had these really nice carpet square like carpeting on sale so I bought some and that is what I did Saturday into early Sunday. It took 8 boxes to do this room. It was fun to do until I had to start doing the carpet by the wall which you had to cut and I cant cut straight even with a ruler. Anyway the room looks really nice and its really nice to be able to walk across the floor with out getting wood in your foot or socks and as you can tell the cat likes the carpet to. Hope you all have a really good weekend and I'm hoping tomorrow I will get time to post a few things I have made for Christmas decorations and presents so stay tuned for that. Until my next rambling :)

1/2 way done


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