Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Candle Holder Technique

Sorry this is so late things came up the last 2 days that have kept me from posting.
So here is another Christmas gift Idea that is easy and fun to do.
You will need the following items:
Glass Candle holder (Find mine at Walmart or Dollar Store)Stamp
Foam Brush
Embossing Powder
Heat Gun
Rubber Gloves

Step 1: Wash your Candle Holder-making sure you don't touch the glass (I use the rubber
gloves when I wash the glass) if you get fingerprints on the glass they will show up when you etch

Step 2: Stamp you image on the Glass using the VersaMark ink

Step 3: Emboss the image, it takes a little time and the glass gets really hot so I usually let
the glass set for about 5 min to completely cool

Step 4: Its time to Etch-I usually etch on my front porch because the Etching stuff can smell
I place Newspaper under the Candle holder so if I drop any Etching it wont mess up
the floor. Put your Rubber Gloves on for the Etching. You want to Pour a glob of
Etching on your Candle holder and brush it up and down and side to side using the
Foam Brush, you want a thick layer. Now you can either do the whole Candle holder
or you can just do the sides you embossed. Once you are done putting the Etching
stuff on you will want to put the Candle holder on the Newspaper and set your timer
for 5 min.

Step 5: Timer has now gone off you want to take your Candle holder to the sink and clean it
off with warm water. I first clean the etching off and then I will take my nail and scrap
the embossing off. Once you have it all clean you can either dry it with a towel or let it
air dry.

Step 6: Once its dry add a candle/or a flames candle. Great gift for your kids teacher, friend etc..

I have done 2 different kinds of Candle holders (see pics below) the round candle holders are harder to do since when you stamp it will move and smear. I find the square candle holders to be easier.
I have also done Plates you can see a past post on doing plates (the post is from January 07).

Hope you enjoyed and if you have any questions just ask. Have a good evening and until my next rambling :)

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