Saturday, December 15, 2007

Calendar/Memo Holder

Finally Ive gotten around to posting the next Christmas Idea (I've been sick and then the computer wanted to download stuff)
So here is what you will need to make the Memo/Calendar holder:

Items were found mostly at Walmart
Side by Side Acrylic picture holder
Picture (make it smaller then the frame)
Patterned Paper

Step 1: Take the picture that comes with the frame and use it as a pattern for your background
paper (patterned paper) trace it and then cut it out.

Step 2: Add adhesive to the back of your picture and attach it to the patterned paper. Put the
paper in the frame- picture will be on the top of the frame and the other piece will go on
the bottom.

Step 3: Stick Post-it-Note to the bottom part of the frame and the calendar.

Step 4: All finished. You can also add a pen to this.
See picture
If you need better instructions please let me know. I will post the next Christmas Idea-etched candle holder on Monday. We are having Christmas with My Uncle and Aunt tomorrow since they will be in Florida over Christmas. So make sure you stop back by on Monday to find out how to etch on the Candle holder. Until then hope you all have a wonderful weekend and if you happen to be in the areas that are getting tons of snow be careful and stay warm (we are supposed to get 4-12 inches by Sunday Morning so far we got under a 1 inch today so we will see) Until my next rambling :)

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