Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just Thought....

So I just had a thought... I promised pics of Regionals to be posted on my blog a couple of days ago... well I downloaded the pics from my camera and most of them are rather blurry. Im not to great at using the camera with a bunch of people around and me having to hold the camera above my head to get pics. So once I go in and hopefully clean some of them up so you can see or at least make out what its supposed to be I will post. The pic below is from one of the girls in my group (Indy Inkerz) she took the pic and emailed it to the group. So that's all of use at Regionals having fun. I will also have a few Halloween cards to post in a day or stay tuned. Oh I also hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
Until my next rambling....have a wonderful week :)

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