Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ive been Tagged :)

Jennifer ( tagged me and let me start off by saying Thanks :) This is the 1st time I have gotten to play the tag game. So when I got the email I was at work and was really excited ( I know I get excited/silly at the strangest things). So here is the scoop on being tagged. You tell 7 things about yourself and then you tag 7 other people. So here goes....

1) I have never been married or have any kids. I have been in love once but I let him go -- so as the saying goes "It's better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all"

2) I love my job--its the first time I can actually say I like going to work in the morning

3) I love watching Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill and Charmed. I'm also a closet Buffy the Vampire fan

4) I am a shop-alcoholic but most of the stuff I buy is either on sale or is on clearance. I have a walk in closet to prove how much I love to shop. I have more shoes then clothes.

5) My nickname is Midget because I have always been shorter then everyone. So my friends started calling me that several years ago. No matter how hard I try the nickname wont go away.

6) If I won the lottery--I already know what I would do with it. Most of it would go to take care of my family. The only thing I want really would be a home of my own and possibly a new SUV.

7) My family is the most important thing in my life--I realized this when my father almost died when he had a massive heart attack. I try everyday to make the most with the time I have with my family.

Okay so here is the 7 people I am going to tag...I hope they have as much fun with it as I did :)

Kathy-ask me to stamp
Aimee- Relaxin while stamping
Caroline- Caro adventures in stampingland
Mandy- The Polka Dot Spot
Heidi- Sweet Something
Leigh- Sunflower Studio
Barb- No Ink Time

Later tonight I will hopefully get everything together for the technique of the week.
Until then have a wonderful evening :)

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