Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fossil Stone Technique

Finally I have the technique I told you all I would get on here. It would have been on here yesterday if I hadnt started watching Night at the Musuem.
Let me start off by saying I got this technique off of another site(which I cant remember) and the idea was from Julie Buhler.

Its really easy to do and fun once you get started.

You will need:

Plastic File Folder ( I used Report Covers)
2 coordinating Ink colors ( Always Artichoke & Certainly Celery)
2 Pieces of Glossy Cardstock
Brayer w/rubber attachment
(All Materials are from Stampin' Up!)

Step One:
Lay folder open on table facing up. Begin with one color on one side and smush the ink on folder in a big enough area to cover the cardstock. Once you are done on one side go to the other side and smush the other color.

Step Two:
Close the folder and rub your hands over it. There will be air bubbles but that is ok its part of the effect.

Step Three:
Place Glossy Cardstock together with non-glossy sides together. Put in the middle of the open folder. Close folder and take brayer over the top of it and smush the inks around till you get effect you want.

This is what it the glossy cardstock should look like once you have covered it with ink.

Finished Card--I did use different colors on this card for the Fossil Stone Technique and this also happens to be the punch card i mentioned in a previous posting. This was made with the Large and small oval punch and the 3/8 circle punch. I used certainly cerlery, marigold gold, cool caribean papers.

I hope you enjoyed this technique and until my next rambling have a wonderful evening :)
*For those of you who have asked about the report covers-I have found them at Walmart/Flower Factory and at Meijers.*

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Anonymous said...

I like this technique and it neat with the punches. I am just wondering where did you get the plastic report covers from.