Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Day after the Snowstorm

Just wanted to say "Happy Valentine's Day"
Also wanted to share some more snow pics that I got this morning before I started digging us out. I do have to say my neighbor across the street sent one of his employees over with a bobcat thing to tackle our driveway. I dont think the guy knows how happy I am that he did that, because I would still be out there trying to shovel us out. The offical word is we got 9inches, some of the snowdrifts came past my knees and some of the snowdrifts I could stand on because the ice on top.

So enjoy the pics and be thankful that you its over and hopefully by July it will all melt. For those of you that havent gotten any snow--you are soooo lucky :)

Until my next rambling....have a wonderful week:)
Shed in backyard:
Driveway with my dads van:
Sideyard looking out to street:

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mjb coffee said...

As a former northwest Indiana resident, I loved your snow pictures; but I am so glad I don't have to deal with all that snow and the frigid cold weather with the chill factor coming off Lake Michigan.