Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Marble Technique

All products are Stampin' Up! other then the marbles and the double sticky tape.

You Need the following:

1) Plastic Container

2) Marbles 4-5

3) Reinkers 1-3 colors

4) Double-sided tape

5) Paper

6) Stamps

7) Marker w/brush tip


Put a piece of double-stick tape on lid of container.

Put 4-5 drops of each reinker color in container.

Step 2:

Put marbles in container and close lid.

Roll Marbles around container until the Marbles are covered in ink.

Step 3:

Put White Cardstock on tape(cut cardstock to fit on lid)

Close lid and flip container over and roll marbles over cardstock until you get the effect you want

Step 4:
Finished Card

You can use any color combo or you can also just use one color
Dont use to many colors because the effect will be muddy looking. I hope you enjoy this technique and have fun with it. Until my next rambling or technique have a wonderful evening:)

1 comment:

Jennifer Nellenback said...

Very cute. Love the technique and colors that you used. And did I mention I love the card.