Monday, March 21, 2011

So Sorry-Very long Update

I had ever intention of having this blog updated this Saturday.  But unfortunately I was needed at home.  Let me explain what happened last week.  My BF got sick Wednesday night right before we went to bed, with what I thought was the flu.  So we stayed home Thursday from work but called me about 11:30ish to tell me he needed to go to the Hospital cause his stomach hurt really bad.  So I left work with the intention of going home to yell at him about being a big baby and suck it up all he had was the flu.  So I go out to my van and my tire was flat.  So had to call my dad and have him come get me to go home to yell at BF.  I got home & I didn't yell at him at all.  He was in very serious pain, he was white looking and not his self.  So off to the ER we went.  Dad dropped us off.  We were in the ER, they ran tests, drew blood, gave him happy meds (you know the kind that make you very spacey & sleepy) so after several long and some kind of tense moments the doctor came in and said they had to do surgery.  He need his appendix removed.  So by this time I was tired, stressed and felt awful because I didn't believe him about being in so much pain.  So about 9:30 that night we said goodbye and he went into surgery.  So lets see we have been at the hospital for a total of 8 1/2 hrs.  Doctor told me the surgery usually last from 20min to 1 hr.  So by then I was stressed to the max so I called my parents to sit with me.  So after about an hour the Dr came out and told me everything went really good and he had pictures.  OK I'm so not the kind of person who will ever be a nurse or doctor cause if I see blood I'm so total going in the other direction.  But the pictures were kind of cool.  I also didn't know they gave you pics.  So they took me to recover to see him and then up to his room.  So I finally got home at 1:00am on Friday.  He called me about 9:00 that morning saying he was getting ready to be released.  So he got to come home Friday at around 2:00pm.  He has 3 cuts, one in his belly button, one on his left side and one by his groan.  They don't do stitches anymore either they super glued him.  So Friday night I showed him his pictures and told him next St. Patricks day we were going to Frame his Surgery Pictures.  I thought it was a cute idea.  So after the very loooong story above about why I was needed at home.  I'm hoping this week will be much calmer and I can post the 2 things I wanted to post.  One is a video tour of my craft room and the other is pictures of the project I've been working on.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Until my next rambling :)

Update: Just in case you wanted to know BF is doing good.  He went back to work today.  The only pain he has now is if he coughs or sneezes.  But after this ordeal I will always listen to him if he doesn't feel good.

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