Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Normal to Not so Normal

My cheek that is. So this morning I woke up to my cheek being huge (see pic). I finally had gotten it down to looking some what normal to waking up this morning in pain and swollen. By the time I got home from work it wasn't so swollen and I could smile, swallow. I cant eat anything that is hard so its back to ice cream, soup, yogurt etc. I just thought I would share a pic of what it looks like when it swells. Hoping it will go down before the 4Th of July, if not I guess I have to go to the doctors and see what they can do. I do have a technique for you all for Thursday so stay tuned for that and I even have a few cards to share but I might keep them for this weekend. Until my next rambling :)
I took the pic right before I left for work. I really don't look very good in pics, that's probably why I try to take them and not be in them :)

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