Friday, February 22, 2008


I am so glad its Friday. Not only has it been a really slow week at work but the weather has been down right crappy. Its not really been that bad of a winter here in Indy, we haven't gotten really that much snow, we have however have gotten enough freezing rain and sleet to last a lifetime. OK enough about the weather. Let me tell you about my Saturday's-My oldest Nephew Ryan is playing basketball and its the cutest and funniest thing to watch. The group he is in is for 4 and 5 year olds and some of them including him are just to short to make baskets but they try there little hearts out. My Nephews coach will lift the little guys(my nephew included) to make a basket. The give the kids who are on the floor wrist bands which have different colors on them to match the kids on the other teams so they know who they are supposed to guard. I have always looked forward to Saturdays because I loved to sleep in but since my nephew started playing basketball I don't mind getting up early (his games start at 8:30 am and it take 1/2 hour to get there). OK enough about my Saturdays. I will spare you the details of what I do on Sundays (it has to do with Nascar) and just get to the real reason you all are visiting this blog----Technique time---The technique today is called Faux Silk.
You will need the following:
Tissue paper (cut slightly larger then cardstock you are using)
Glue stick, Xyron, Spray Adhesive, Mod Podge or other adhesive
Neutral Cardstock

Step 1: Stamp images on tissue paper (make sure you have scrap paper under the tissue paper)

Step 2: Color images if necessary (color carefully. the ink will bleed through the tissue paper)

Step 3: Let dry for several minutes. Once dry crinkle tissue paper. Smooth out & set aside

Step 4: Apply adhesive of your choice over the entire piece of cardstock

Step 5: Spread tissue paper over adhesive (be very careful when doing this tissue paper can rip)

Step 6: Trim excess tissue paper

Step 7: Finish card
I hope you enjoyed today's very late technique and have fun with it. I'm hoping that I can get my act together and start putting new techniques on my blog every Wednesday for you all. Hope you have a wonderful evening and weekend. Until my next rambling :)

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Corie said...

This card is just BEAUTIFUL!! Love it