Thursday, January 10, 2008

Boring Post

I haven't forgotten you all. I was planning on having the Tile Technique up for you yesterday but, my dad has taken over my craft room right now. His laptop computer he uses for work and taxes crashed or something like it when he installed a new program and since he moved his office out of the house and let my mom take it over as her craft room, I'm the only one that has a computer and Internet hookup. So when he comes home he uses my craft room to restore his computer and hook into the Internet (we have wireless but his computer doesn't notice it) so I'm hoping that by tonight he will get it all back working so I can have my room back so I can post pics and the technique before this weekend. I wont have time this weekend to post or really do anything crafty since we will be watching my 2 nephews and having a birthday party for my grandma and sil. So keep checking back I promise to get the technique up with pics and everything. Hope you all had a good week. Monday and Tuesday were nice here it was close to 70 and partly sunny and then after that its been in the 40's and low 30's, I shouldn't complain since last week it was high in the teens with windchill in the negatives. We still have about 2-3 months of winter/cold weather before Spring finally makes appearance. OK enough rambling from me for one evening, my next post will be stamping related, even if its about getting my spring/summer catty from SU (which I still have never gotten, but called SU about and they are shipping me a new one). Until my next rambling :)

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