Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Magnetic Memo Holder Gift

Here is what you need to make this Handmade Christmas present:

Acrylic Photo frame w/magnet on back
Paper (cardstock)
Ribbon (I used ribbon from Stampin' Up!©)
Glue dots

(You can find most items at Michael's, Walmart)

Step 1 : Cut out paper to fit into Acrylic holder (I used the paper that came w/it as pattern)

Step 2: Place Post-it Note on frame so you can get a idea as to were you want to put the rub-ons

Step 3: Add rub-ons per instruction on package

Step 4: Attach Post-it-Note to frame

Step 5: Cut ribbon to make a loop big enough for a pen, then attach ribbon together with glue
dot, then with another glue dot attach to back of frame making sure you leave
enough sticking out to place pen in it.

Step 6: You are done.

Super easy takes like 5 min to do. Great gift for your kids teachers. Check back tomorrow for how to make the snow globe with ornaments. Have a wonderful evening. Until my next rambling :)

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