Thursday, November 01, 2007

Technique & Picture Time

Ok so here is the Technique: Its called Wax paper Resist (got the idea from Splitcoast Stampers)

You will need the following:

Wax paper ( big enough to fit your cardstock you are going to use)
Glossy Cardstock

1st Step: Take your Wax paper and Crinkle it up and then smooth is back out.

2nd Step: Sandwich the wax paper between 2 pieces of Glossy Cardstock, w/glossy sides facing the wax paper

3rd Step: Iron over your paper sandwich w/out steam (I use a scrap piece of paper between the iron and cardstock)

4th Step: Take sandwich apart and throw the wax paper away

5th Step: Brayer over your glossy cardstock w/ink. Cover the entire piece of cardstock

6th Step: Wipe over cardstock w/a paper towel. The ink will resist where the wax from the wax paper stuck to the glossy cardstock.

7th Step: Finish Card

Hope you enjoyed the technique its super easy and fun.

Ok now here is a pic of my Nephews and me in our Halloween costumes.
Hope you all have a wonderful evening and until my next rambling :)

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