Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Finally Got them :)

I got them, I got them--I ordered the Mega and Giga scalloped circle punches from Marvy Uchida when I got paid. So I have waited and waited just figuring they would email me and say sorry they are on back-order and you wont get them. So last night the Fed Ex truck pulls in front of the house--its really strange because other then at work I never see the Fed Ex truck around. Whats even weird is the Fed Ex guy from work is the same one that delivers in my neighborhood. Sorry got off track--So I ran to the door figuring its something for my dad and after the guy handed me the kind of heavy package I looked at the name and I kid you not I couldn't get the stupid box opened quick enough.
So I finally got the box opened and there they are so pretty and new my punches plus a free pen and a catalog. So I was so excited I wanted to make something with my punches and the silly lights go out. Darn it--and no its not from the storms that are in the area--we are having some problems with the electricity in the 2 front rooms I think it has something to do with us tearing down the extra bathroom downstairs and not having the switch pushed back all the way. I did it again I got off track--sorry. So depending on what time I get home tonight from my weekly Wednesday Girls Night Out movie and dinner--I will either have a few cards posted with my new punches tonight or tomorrow.
Now hopefully when I get paid next month I can get the Oval scalloped punches.
Until my next rambling...Have a wonderful day :)
(Sorry no pics today :( of cards.)

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