Monday, November 13, 2006

Good Monday Morning :)

Good Morning All,
So I had those to Vendor Fairs to do on Friday Night and Saturday Day. It was fun. This was the first time I have ever done something like that and I would do it again. Friday the one I did was at a Church and was held by the local MOPS group. Which I thought was very nice that they invited me since I have no kids. It was fun there was a nice crowd and I enjoyed talking, showing and meeting all the people who stopped by my table. I got a lot of leads who want to join my mailing list. The one on Saturday was fun we had that one at the Franklin Library which they had a program in the morning so that brought in a few extra people. All in all it was a wonderful busy weekend. I like to Thank All Of You Who Stopped By My Tables at both shows.
So let me tell you why this Monday is a Good one... Its My 33rd Birthday. I like Birthdays its fun we celebrated my birthday on Saturday Night (that is when everyone in my family could get to gether) we had all my fav foods... hot dogs, cheese fries, mac and cheese, next best thing to robert redford dessert and a cheese cake. I got Cars DVD from my 2 cute Nephews (and of course there mom and dad) my uncle and his family took me to chicago last weekend for my birthday and also got me a archivers gift certificate and the my mom and dad gave me money which I was going to spend in Chicago but instead went to Archivers and spent it there. All in all it has been a good Birthday.
This week I will be doing a new Technique for all of you so stay tuned. I will try to make it one you could use on your Christmas Cards.
Until my next rambling have a wonderful day :) Thanks for visting

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