Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Name Frames

At a lost for the perfect Christmas Present for someone who has everything. Why not try your hand at making a name frame. They are super easy, fun to do and a perfect present for that someone special. I made this one for my Nephew. The frame came from The Dollar Tree, the Paper, Ink and Stamps came from Stampin' Up! I traced the tags from a template and then stamped the name out. Then I place the tags were I want them and stamped the bugs around it. I have 6 more of these to do for Christmas presents.
Just a reminder about the Big Vendor fair on 11/11/06. See previous post for more info on it :)
I'm hoping to get a few more stamped Christmas items done and posted for you all.
I think my next one will be coasters. So stay tuned.
So until my next rambling. Have a wonderful evening, and Happy Halloween :)

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